Norman Osborne was attempting to find "the Source" that empowered individuals such as Virginia Dare and David Banner, which is guarded by the Natives of Roanoke Island, and utilize it to gain unimaginable power; to achieve his goal, Osborne allies with King James I of England and makes several attempts to create conflict between his fellow American colonists and the Natives. Ultimately, Osborne didn't discover the source as it is revealed to have been gone after Rojhaz was sent back to his time, and is captured and imprisoned in the stocks after peace between the colonists and Natives resume, and the English are forced from America.

After three years since the Roanoke's colony's establishment as a American nation, Osborne didn't stay punished for long. Osborne 'redeem' himself by helping the new-found American nation in ways of reinforcing its defenses against large predatory dinosaurs, and becoming a valued accomplished harbormaster in establishing desirable trade. Still the same deceitful man, Osborne still sought the destruction of the Natives and plotted in tricking them into having smallpox infested blankets and clothes. Fortunately, the Spider stopped this but Osborne then killed Virginia Dare when she attempted to warn the townspeople of Osborne's crime. Osborne was subdue and brought to court to be ruefully judged by Ananias Dare and the council. Though, Osborne cannot be capitally punished as the nation forbids it in its constitution's second amendment, but instead, Osborne is to be shipped back to England to be judge there, where capital punishment is allowed, and be subsequently execute as Osborne always proclaimed himself as "an Englishman".

Osborne was sent in the Mayflower under guard and over watch by Peter. On the way, the ship suffer some near unfortunate events and Osborne took advantaged of the ship's crew in attempting to kill Peter once exposing him as a Witchbreed. However, the Mayflower is then attacked by the pirate Wilson Fiske, Osborne's cell is hit by a cannonball. Covered in gangrenous wounds, his sentence is abandoned since he is not expected to live long enough to stand trial in England. He contacts the natural philosopher Henri Le Pym, asking to be cured in return for helping Pym acquire some of Peter's blood for his experiments. As a result Osborne became a winged goblin.

Working for Victor Octavius, Osborne fought the Spider at Octavius' palace in Venice and was then ultimately killed when the Bull's Eye's arrow bolt inadvertently shot Osborne in the head.



None known

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Normal human male


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