Quote1 I may be crazy, but you'd better not underestimate me! I'm the Green Goblin! Quote2
-- Green Goblin src

He may look like a superhero in his custom-made Iron Patriot armor, but crazy Norman Osborn sure isn't very heroic! In fact he is one of Spider-Man´s most sinister foe, The Green Goblin.


Norman Osborn (Earth-91119) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 001

Seemingly those of Norman Osborn of Earth-616.


Iron Patriot Armor Model 1


S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Goblin Glider


Pumpkin Bomb

  • Norman's Iron Patriot model was renamed Dark Iron Patriot to make way for the new Iron Patriot.
  • Iron Patriot was the first playable villain.
  • Green Goblin was the fifth playable villian.
  • He was one of the many villains to have Mystery Box.

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