The Noose was a murderer who earned his name from strangling his victims with a noose. A southern judge once put him away in jail in the 1930s. The Noose broke out of prison in 1941 and went into hiding. Unknown to all, he posed as a female house cleaner working for the judge's neighbour, to whom the judge was not on good terms. One night in 1946, the Noose called the judge and asked him to come over to his neighbours home. Arriving there, he found no trace of the Noose and was attacked by his neighbour before he could explain himself and left. Meanwhile, the Noose then murdered the neighbour, and left evidence that implicated the judge of the murder. Things could not have went better for the Noose when the judge's wife and daughter arrived at the house following the judge. Finding the body of the dead man they tried to hide it to protect the judge.

However, the authorities soon learned of the murder, and the judge was put on trail. The trail attracted the attention of the Angel who watched the trial. With the secretary's aid, the Noose testified against the judge in court in his female house keeper disguise. However, the testimonies struck the Angel as suspicious and he began looking into their backgrounds. Meanwhile, the Noose, furious that the secretary almost blew their testimony attempted to kill him. Just then the Angel crashed through the window to try and apprehend them. The secretary tried to attack the Angel and was shot dead by the Noose. The Angel then searched for the house keeper but found no trace of her, confirming his suspicions.

The next day in court, the Angel is granted permission to question one of the witnesses and calls the house cleaner. When showing "her" the murder weapon, the Angel pulls off "her" disguise, revealing "her" to be the Noose. The Noose then kicked the Angel aside and then attempted to bludgeon the judge with the fire poker, but was easily subdued by the Angel and turned over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Noose's primary weapon was that of his namesake, sometimes he used a pistol and once used a fire poker as a murder weapon.

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