Noah van Helsing stems from a long line of vampire hunters including his grandfather Jeremiah van Helsing and his distant relation, the late Rachel van Helsing. Noah gathered together an elite team of specialists to participate in an ambitious plot to destroy the lord of all vampires - Dracula. The most famous amongst his recruits was the veteran vampire hunter known as Blade. The timing of their attack was critical because it had to take place during the vampire lord's "cycle of rebirth", a period in which he would be most vulnerable. Should his team fail to destroy Dracula before the cycle was complete, he would emerge a veritable god of vampires. Based upon the writings of the ancient wizard Aamshed, Noah believed that the most decisive way to destroy Dracula was by detonating a small nuclear device inside the vampire's crypt, a mile beneath his castle estate.

A few years later, another member of the van Helsing bloodline, Cami van Helsing, mentioned that all members of her family that were 25 years old or older were afflicted with a curse of insomnia, which drove them mad and caused them to kill each other, leaving her as the only living scion of van Helsing family.[1]

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