Niral Chandra was a human scientist that worked for the Damocles Foundation. She and her colleagues Doctor Ogada and Doctor Joshua awoken Ekatarina Gryaznova from her coma, allowing Bastion to transform her into a Prime Sentinel.[2] They also created the artificial mutant Reignfire.[3]

When Domino was captured by Gryaznova, Chandra and her colleagues placed a device in Domino's nervous system as well as studied Meltdown, Richtor, and Shatterstar when they were prisoners of Operation: Zero Tolerance.[2]

She and Doctor Joshua later took the remains of Reignfire and attached him to a Celestial Gatherer to function as a solar battery, which would awaken the Gatherer for the Damocles Foundation's purposes. Joshua was concerned that Reignfire would cause the Gatherer to go out of control while Chandra was confident that nanite safeguards would assure that the Gatherer would make it controllable. However, Selene took control of the Gatherer, forcing Arcadia DeVille and Moonstar of X-Force to destroy it.[4]

Chandra's whereabouts and fate are unknown after that.


Chandra is a gifted geneticist and an expert in nanotechnology.

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