The Ninja was once a member of the Hand, and had been trained since the day she was born to fight. When she was a child her father, a member of the Hand, returned in shame that he and his brother's had been beaten by Wolverine. Him and his brother were forced to commit suicide while The Ninja watched. As The Ninja grew older she never forgot what Wolverine had forced her father to do. Then one night her brothers returned beating and dieing from their encounter with Wolverine. The Ninja swore vengeance, and would get her chance that night. Wolverine found the Hand's base and killed many, including The Ninja. The Hand's high priest brought The Ninja back from death so she could be used to breed more members. The Ninja dispised this idea and went to find the Founder and his Red Right Hand. There she became the teacher and and trainer of The The Mongrels.

The Organization decided the worst punishment for the seemingly un-killable Wolverine was to send his soul to Hell. The Husband was approached by a demon that he made a deal with in exchange for letting the demon possess Wolverine body. The creature became Hellverine and decided to track down each of Wolverine’s friends and family to kill them one by one. The Red Right Hand lured Wolverine to their base in Mexico pitting him one by one against the members of The Mongrels. Wolverine soon bests them in combat and kills them all individually. It was after the battle that Wolverine finds out that the Mongrels were all his children, which devastates him.

The team's final revenge against Wolverine was to deny him his revenge against them. Each member committed suicide, leaving Wolverine nothing to do but mourn his children.

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