Nina is the result of Mannite project. She was imprison by Bastion shortly after Onslaught defeat on New York and the heroes sacrifice. Bastion was able to convince the USA government of the mutant threat and the catastrophic potential they had, created Operation Zero Tolerance. He began his work in an old Hulkbuster base, that he modified to imprison several subjects among them Xavier, who turn himself in to the government and N9 also know as Nina. Bastion was very worry of Nina, coming in contact with Xavier and placed psi-damper on the mutant, but that didn't stop the girl from hacking the cameras and slidin through the walls to reach him. She felt him a kind soul and wish she would tell him stories. Peter Grynch and Bastion soon summarize that Nina was too dangerous to be allowed to reach puberty, and while she and Charles had another meeting by her blocking the cameras. She reached into his minds and show him he still possess the power, Charles afraid ask Nina for a way to contact the outside world and she materialized a phone. He quickly contacted Reene Majcomb. After learning of Nina's origin and purity by Xavier Dr. Thysson agree to help in liberating her from the facility. However they ran across Agent Smith, who knock out Dr. Thysson and apprehended Xavier. He then showed the body of Nina to Bastion, however this was revealed to be a plot by Agent Smith who said he was on Nina's side.[1]


Nina possess and array of powers; she demonstrate the ability to part matter allowing her to slide between walls, teleport, empathy, telepathy, telekinesis, disruption electronic signals of cameras and TV's, she could also created items with simple form of reality warping.[1]


Nina is young and unskilled in the use of her powers. She can't teleport to somewhere she has never being.


Her own teleportation

  • Bastion classified her as Alpha-class threat
  • Nina can usually be seeing clutching her bunny, Harry

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