Abyss was first fought in a large chamber in Genosha where he could suck in his enemies with the internal void in his chest, but not trap them. After some time fighting, he tries to escape with a dirigible, but the team gets on the dirigible and fights him again after he gets out to try to kill them. He does not use his "sucking power" this time. Not long after, he escapes again by jumping onto another dirigible nearby. The team is attacked by minor minions while Abyss throws armed bombs at them. Someone from the team must throw his bombs back at the dirigible Abyss is on to bring it down. After it is brought down, Abyss fights the team once more. Right before getting defeated, Abyss sucks in the entire team into the internal void in his chest. The team ends up in a dimension composed of two floors and a wormhole with which to shift betwen floors. There are two bombs on each floor and the team must activate all the bombs in order to be freed from the dimension. Each bomb is guarded by an energy demon and the demon must be destroyed in order to activate the bomb. After all the bombs detonate, Abyss himself explodes along with the dirigible. Everyone lands on an tiny island where Abyss can be seen unconscious and the dirigible crashed. With Abyss defeated, the threat to Genosha is removed and the first arc is finished.


Abyss' arms appear similar to springs and he can use them to punch enemies from a distance. He possesses an internal void to a small dimension that lies in the center of his chest. This void can function as a black hole that pulls enemies to him and they are then sucked into the dimension. Abyss appears in store armed bombs in this dimension and can take them out and use them against his enemies.

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