The master of the city in Guilty Pleasures and more than 1000 years old, Nikolaos has the appearance of a young girl at about 12. It has been noted that she sounds eerily similar to Shirley Temple when she isn't riled up. Based on her description, Nikolaos is possibly what Hamilton later describes as a nighthag - a vampire that could draw power from the very fear of others. And considering her vile, almost predatory nature, it seems she satiates herself on more than enough power by driving it from the fear of others. Her mental and physical strength are formidable, considering her size and appearance. In a deadly battle between the two, Anita kills Nikolaos in Guilty Pleasures, making Jean-Claude master of the city.


Nikolaos has a variety of master-level abilities, including the ability to call rats and wererats, to fly, and to wake during the day.

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