Little is known of Eric's past, save that after being blinded in an accident he discovered that he was a mutant, able to see from the perspective of cats, and control their minds. While applying for disability insurance, his agent, Daphne Faversham, discovered his gift, and the two hatched a plan to scam millions from jewelry stores which held policies with her company.

Nighteyes committed several robberies toward this end, using his army of cats, which were investigated by Spider-Woman. She quickly discovered that each of the crime scenes triggered her allergy to cats, and after some investigation, learned that all the stores that were hit bought from the same insurance and alarm companies, which led her back to Daphne. Daphne gave up Eric's whereabouts, and Mattie overcame her allergy long enough to defeat him and send him to prison.


Though totally blind in his human body, Eric has the mutant ability to see through the eyes of felines, as well as a control their actions. He can use up to one hundred cats at a time as such.


Eric was blind.

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