Nidavellir is one of the Nine Worlds, it's located in the middle region of the World Tree on the same level as Midgard.[1] Its inhabitants are the Dwarves.[2]


The Dwarves live underground working in the caverns of the Nidavellir. They have large forgers utilizing the flames and heat from beneath the surface to create weapons used by the Dwarves and their allies. Dwarves are the race that have crafted the most powerful weapons in the Nine Realms including: Mjolnir[3] , Gungnir, and Stormbreaker.[4]

The nomadic Rock Trolls also inhabit some areas of this land.[5]

Malekith the Accursed described the realm as thus; "In Nidavellir you'll find every precious gemstone you have ever heard of and many you haven't. All guarded by dull little Dwarves inside dull little mountains."[6]

Politics and Leadership

Nidavellir is represented in the Congress of Worlds by two dwarf senators.[7] Hreidmar the scholar represented his world on the council for a while.[8]


Forging of Mjolnir

Dwarves from Thor Vol 2 80

Dwarves forging Mjolnir

After the All-Father Odin of Asgard thwarted a Rock Troll invasion attempt led by Ulik, his realm and Nidavellir forged an alliance. As a gift and as a symbol of the bond between these two realms, the Dwarf King Eitri gifted Odin a nugget of raw Uru. This nugget of Uru was later given back to the Dwarves by Odin when he had used it to trap a sentient storm known as the God Tempest, so they could forge it into a weapon, the magical mallet known as Mjolnir.[9]

Meeting Thor

Thor traveled to Nidavellir during his training.[10]

On Nidavellir; Thor went to the workshop of King Sindri, where he is given the ship "Skidbladnir", which he used to cross the Dark Sea and reach the lands of King Mirmir. The boat is small enough to fit in a pocket, but grows to full size and flies if needed.[2]

On Nidavellir seeking cover from a raging storm, Thor asks King Sindri of the Dwarfs to provide him shelter. The Dwarfs requiring to provide another slave to the Trolls, as payment to avoid their kingdom being attacked, drop Thor down into the pit of the Trolls. There he is made their prisoner and is shackled to a wall. However, Thor frees himself with the aid of his hammer and sets the slaves free and single handedly defeats all the Trolls. Freeing everyone, Thor leads them to the surface and uses his hammer to seal the entrance to the Trolls caverns.[5]


Stormbreaker from Thor Vol 1 339

Taking Stormbreaker from the Furnaces of Nidavellir

Odin traveled via the pass of Ullthang, to get to Nidavellir. He met with their king Eitri and master builder to construct a weapon for Asgard's new champion Beta Ray Bill. He agreed on one condition he sends his greatest female warriors to defeat their champion Throgg. He sent Lady Sif but was shocked to learnt the Dwarves was larger then she was. However she defeated their champion. Eitri was please as Throgg was using his size to bully the other Dwarves. Eitri and his team of blacksmith created a weapon to rival Mjolnir. Odin powers the weapon in the furnace and Bill reached in to claim his weapon the Stormbreaker.[4]

New Mutants

The New Mutants are scattered by Loki around the Nine Reams. Cannonball found himself in Nidavellir. He was met by Eitri and his soldiers who were under siege by the Rock Trolls. He managed to fight off the invaders, but was stabbed in the back by one of them while rescuing Eitri's wife and collapsed right after the battle was won. For his deed, Sam was welcomed as a true friend by Eitri and his daughter, who has taken a fancy on Sam. They where then attacked by a group of Dark Elves from Svartalfheim who had brainwashed Magma. During the insuring battle, the Fairies are fought back and Magma was taken prisoner. They are able to return her to normal, but were interrupted by Loki who ordered the Dwarves to construct him a weapon as powerful as that of his brother Thor. When he spots Cannonball among the Dwarves, Etiri covered by telling Loki that he was an "idiot nephew". Loki was satisfied with this and teleported away, telling Etiri that he expects the hammer soon.[11]


Glimda was an Asgardian who was praised for her beautiful long hair. Jealous of the attention she received Loki managed to sneak up one night and cut her off her hair. Feeling sorry about her Thor managed to replace her hair with pure gold, being helped by the Dwarves of Nidavellir.[12]


Odin had the Dwarves to create a new weapon the Thunderstrike mace.[13]

Hrinmeer the Flame

Nidavellir was one of the worlds invaded by Hrinmeer the Flame and his Fire Demon army.[14]


Loki went to Nidavellir to find the forge that created Mjolnir. He took it and Surtur creates multiple hammers like Mjolnir.[15]

During Ragnarok; Amora, the Enchantress traveled to Nidavellir to request the help of the Dwarves; Grerr, Alfrigg and Dvalin.[16]



The dwarves annoyed with Asgard's lack of leadership create "Thor" a dwarf raised to resemble Thor. He, however, was no match for the Thunder God and was easily slain.[17]

The Dwarves forged Frogjolnir a miniature version of Mjolnir for Throg.[18]

Nidavellir was frozen for a time by Hela including the fire pits had been turned to ice. But all was later returned to normal thanks to Thor.[19]

Fear Itself

Nidavellir from Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 506

Furnaces of Nidavellir

During the War of the Serpent, Odin Borson let Stark have access to the forges of Nidavellir[20], and created an arsenal of Uru weapons to combat the enemy forces razing the Earth.[21] In order to acquire his own enhancements, Tony merged the systems of the Bleeding Edge Armor with Uru, turning it into the "Iron Destroyer" until the battle ended.[22] When Odin left to Asgard, the enhancements of the Uru weapons and the Iron Destroyer were gone, so Tony vented the Uru from the suit's structure and gave it back to the forges along with the rest of the weapons to be melted.[23]

Releasing the Mares


Hreidmar brought Thor to Nidavellir. He showed Thor a sealed door that beared an inscription stating that the door stay sealed for all time by the order of Odin. To continue construction in the repairs of Nidavellir, Hreidmar asked that Thor smash open the door, to which Thor agreed. This however released the Mares.[24]

League of Realms

The League of Realms traveled to Nidavellir guided by Screwbeard on a mission to defeat Malekith the Accursed.[25]

The War of Realms

Thor's prosthetic left arm was created in the forges of Nidavellir using "Black Uru". Screwbeard took transported their latest creation to Asgard to present to the Asgardians.[26]

Alternate Realities

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Earth-8096)

Nidavellir from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Animated Series) Season 1 20

When Baron Zemo used the Norn Stones; Iron Man was transported to Nidavellir.[27] It was their he met Eitri the King of the Dwarves and master black smith. After explaining where he was they ran into the Rock Troll; Ulik. The battle was hard fought, two dwarven warriors were dead, leaving only Etrie and Iron Man victorious over the troll. After Ulik's defeat, they went to The Forge where they built the Thorbuster Armor made from the metal Uru and based on the Destroyer in preparation in his battle against Loki with the Avengers.[28]

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

On Earth-12041; Spider-Man, his team and Thor/Throg traveled to Nidavellir and met with Eitri master forger. They request his help to create weapons to defeat Loki. Eitri refused, saying that Thor never thanked him for Mjolnir. Spider-Man tells Throg to apologize, and he reluctantly does. Eitri then gives the team weapons to fight Loki. The weapons each use their shortfall as a strength: White Tiger has a mystical bow that can only work when she ignores other distractions. Nova has a Halberd that only works with a steady hand. Iron Fist is given a short sword forcing him to trust his instincts and Power Man uses an axe to harness his power. Spider-Man is given nothing but the duty to lead the team and use his banter.[29]

Nidavellir was one of the worlds taken by the Beyonder to create Battleworld with the City of New York placed within its underground cavers, dubbing it "Underworld NYC". Nidavellir also inhabits Stone Skinned Rock Trolls.[30]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Nidavellir appeared during the convergence of realms that occurred every 5000 years.[31] When Nidavellir came under attack from the Marauders. The Asgardians Thor and Fandral assisted him in Nidavellir, but the Marauders' Dark Elf allies were still able to take the Uru weapons Bloodaxe and the Sword of Torunn from the Furnaces of Nidavellir.[32]

After Thanos attacked the Asgardians refugees spaceship, Thor was in dire need of a new weapon since Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela just before Ragnarok.[33] The god of thunder decided to travel to Nidavellir with Rocket and Groot to get a new weapon. Once there, they met with Eitri, the king of the Dwarves of Nidavellir and sole survivor of a previous Thanos attack. He told them that the furnaces were broken and he could not help him. Thor, with the help of Rocket managed to get the forges started again by jump starting the rings surrounding the star. Eitri was then able to make a brand new axe for Thor and Groot shared some of his wood to make the handle of Thor's new weapon : Stormbreaker. [34]

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