Working for Huber, she posed as a French orphan whose depowered mutant parents were killed in an anti-mutant arsonist hate crime.


She was taken ("rescued") from France by M and Siryn and brought to New York to live with them at X-Factor Investigations headquarters in Mutant Town. She discovered a positive pregnancy test in the toilet there and showed it to Layla. Later, while Layla was contemplating the test (which she had not foreseen) on a bridge in Central Park, Nicole smashed her in the face with a rock and dumped her over the Bridge. Layla survived and was recovered by Quicksilver. After, Layla escaped from Quicksilver, Nicole tracked her down to the 5th avenue subway platform. Nicole was just about to attack Layla again, but Layla bent down to pick up a penny, and Nicole tripped over her, and into the path of an oncoming train. Her destroyed robot body was shown.



Nicole's destroyed body

She had a "chaotic randomizing generator" Huber built using Forge's powers; Nicole, when next to Layla Miller, thwarted Layla's short-term precognition. Layla apparently overcame this effect when she killed Nicole. However, it was shown that Layla doesn't posses precotion, but it was an adult Layla who returned from the future, who uploaded all the knowledge about her lifetime and information from the next 80 years into the mind of her younger self at Saint Joan's Orphanage just after M-Day before Layla came to join X-Factor Investigations.

Strength level

Enough to horizontally swing a good-sized rock at Layla Miller's head one handed.



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