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Nicolai Vardoff

Professor Nicolai Vardoff was a brilliant scientist who invented a form of super-strong silk that he intended to give to the US military for the use of making more durable parachutes. It seemed, however, like others were more interested in what they could gain from such an invention. These included: Dino Cardi (Also known as the Monocle) who was a foreign spy, a gun moll representing a local crime boss, and even Vardoff's assistant Ludwig who hoped to earn millions selling the design. In order to protect his invention from those who would seek to exploit it, Vardoff invented the disguise of the Hangman, and hired a group of thugs.

That night when military officials Steve Rogers and James Barnes went to collect the super-silk they were interrupted by the Hangman seemingly slaying Vardoff. This in reality was Vardoff killing Dino Cardi and staging his body to look like himself so that he would be believed dead, and thus free to eliminate all others who were trying to take his invention. Despite interference from Captain America and Bucky, Vardoff -- as the Hangman -- eliminated the gun moll and Ludwig.

Capturing Captain America and Bucky when they got close to learning the truth, he attempted to destroy them with a powerful acid. Cap and Bucky, however, broke free and unmasked the Hangman, shocking them to realize that he was really Nicolai Vardoff all along. Vardoff explained his plot, and then after handing Captain America the formula for his super-silk, he turned the acid on himself, dissolving his body.


Vardoff was a skill scientist and the inventor of a "super-silk" that was vastly more durable than conventional silk.


When operating as the Hangman, Vardoff wore a mask to disguise himself.


As the Hangman, Vardoff used nooses made out of his super-silk, and had an acid cannon.

Nicolai Vardoff should not be confused with demoniacally powered Jason Roland, or masked vigilante Harlan Krueger both of whom also adopted the name Hangman in modern times.

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