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Nicola Cuti

Nick-White Cap

Real Name
Nicola Cuti
Nick Cuti, Chuck Robinson

Marvel; DC; Charlton; Warren,Walt Disney Company, Universal Studio, Sony Pictures, Marvel Pictures

Writer, Editor


Notable Creations
E-Man, Moonie the Starbabe, Mike Mauser Private Eye

Place of Birth
Brooklyn , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

October 29, 1944

Work History

Images Attributed to Nicola Cuti


Cap Cos -2 & 3,Graphic Novel
E-Man, The Early Years
Moonie in Too Many Moons,New
The Detectives, Alpha
Moonie Kickstarter03:38

Moonie Kickstarter

Mars One Application Nicola Cuti01:27

Mars One Application Nicola Cuti

Tales of the Zombie 2

Twin Burial by Chuck Robinson actually written by Nicola Cuti


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