Quote1 Hello, Foster – we just dropped in to say it'll be a good idea if Midwestern loses tomorrow – in fact – you better make sure they don't win! Quote2
-- Nick Bruno src

Nick Bruno was a gambler who would do anything in order to win the biggest payouts. With Midwestern and Hale Universities about to match each others football teams to see who would go to the Rosebowl, Midwestern was the likely candidate thanks to their star player Flash Foster. Deciding to hedge his bets, Hale would bet on Hale winning the game and then would kidnap Foster's girlfriend Connie Hodges and hold her hostage. Warning Flash that he would harm her if he didn't throw the game, Bruno would knock Flash out before he could fight back.

Nick's plot would backfire, as his hideout would be observed by Foster's friend Shorty. After being benched due to poor performance, Flash would be informed of Nick's whereabouts by Shorty and the two young men would rush to Connie's rescue. Flash would easily beat up Nick and his gang, leaving them for the authorities who chased after Flash and Shorty for speeding. Unfortunately for Nick, Flash would return to the game and win it for Midwestern in the final minutes.[1]


No known paranormal powers

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