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Quote1 Stop calling us "kids!" Quote2
-- Wolf Cub src
Nicholas Gleason (Earth-616) from New X-Men Yearbook Special Vol 1 1 0001

Wolf Cub

Nicholas Gleason, a young mutant who possesses a werewolf-like appearance, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was raised by his parents, until they died. After that he became the target of anti-mutant assassins. Gleason was rescued by the X-Men known as Chamber and Cyclops and was subsequently enrolled at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[1]

Though still a youth, Gleason has had to struggle with his feral nature. On one occasion, he attacked Havok, severely injuring him in the process. In the wake of this attack, Gleason ran away from the Xavier Institute and was confronted by Maximus Lobo, and other members of the werewolf pack, Dominant Species. Lobo urged the boy to leave the school and instead, join Dominant Species. Though Gleason was tempted to surrender to his feral nature, he resisted those urges and assisted the X-Men and the reality-traveling team, the Exiles in defeating Dominant Species.[2]

After the institution of the training squad system at the school, Gleason was placed onto the Paragons squad, along with fellow students, Match, Trance, Preview, DJ, and Pixie. After the squad lost their original advisor, Wolfsbane, they were assigned a new mentor, Magma.[3]

In the wake of House of M, the student population of the school was dramatically reduced, causing the squad system to be dissolved and the remaining students to be merged into one group. Gleason is one of a handful of students to retain their abilities and survived an attack on the school by William Stryker that resulted in the deaths of numerous others.[4]

Wolf Cub, along with Anole, Loa, Pixie, Rockslide, and Match, were told a frightening "ghost story" by their fellow student, Blindfold, one night at the school. It soon turned out that this tale wasn't a story at all, but rather a vision of things past and of things to come. Nick, along with his friends, was sucked down into the realm of Limbo, where they were attacked by a mob of demons. Wolf Cub held his own in this fight, using his claws and agility to kill several demons. He along with all the other students, made it back home.[5]

While serving on the Young X-Men, Wolf Cub was deceived, and was killed, by Donald Pierce. As he was dying, he told Rockslide not to kill Pierce, saying 'X-Men don't kill'[6].


Wolfcub 012

Wolf Cub

Lycanthrope: Gleason possesses a permanent werewolf-like form that imbues him with:

  • Enhanced Strength.
  • Enhanced Endurance.
  • Enhanced Speed.
  • Enhanced Senses.
  • Enhanced Agility.
  • Razor-sharp Claws.


like several feral mutants, he was prone to uncontrollable fits of rage called berserker rages

  • In the New X-Men: Academy X: Yearbook Special, it's listed he likes moonlit nights and dogs and dislikes people who make fun of him. He was voted most likely to cry at a movie by the student body.
  • Wolf cub has been drawn several different ways. he has been drawn as a normal looking human with pointed ears, a human with claws and a coat of fur, a normal werewolf, and an actual anthropomorphic dog. He has even been drawn to resemble a lion instead of a wolf. The reason was most likely either further mutation or artistic error.
  • Wolf cub's mutation developed during childhood, unlike most mutations that develop during puberty.
  • Wolf cub is one of the only few mutants to have his mutation develop before puberty, but after birth.

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