Quote1 This country's mutating... You gotta be a mutant to survive what's coming. Quote2
-- Nick Fury

Claiming to still be a government agent, Nick Fury was stationed in Washington, D.C., which had fallen into a state of disrepair after President X moved the White House to New York. He met Philip Sheldon, who asked for an interview for a book he was writing. Fury assaulted Sheldon thinking he was a political writer, and insisted that he had no connection with the recently deceased Avengers, then telling him that it was Captain America that introduced him to eating human meat during World War II. After shooting a rabid dog, Fury sat on the corpse until approached and solicited by Jean Grey, a prostitute. Killing her, then igniting a nearby car, he told Sheldon he needed to take a short nap, then put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger.

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