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Newhaven was a planet where the sole survivors of their respective species could live after their planets had been devoured by Galactus. Their inhabitants share with the other survivors the cultures of their extinct planets.

The Silver Surfer accidentally arrived to Newhaven with his companion, Dawn Greenwood, after crashing due to not having seen past Newhaven's cloaking systems.[1]

Accidentally, the Surfer attracted the attention of Galactus to Newhaven, because his surfboard left a trail of cosmic energy. Galactus arrived at Newhaven in order to consume it, and the Surfer failed to stop him.[2] After Dawn tried to sacrifice herself and become Galactus' herald, the Newhaveans decided to flee the planet and let Galactus devour it. Due to being the cause of Galactus arrival, the Surfer promised to become the herald of the inhabitants of Newhaven and search for a new planet for them to live on.[3]


Formerly 666 billion people, including:


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