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20th Century

In 1942, the entire state of New York was terrorized by the Jelly Men protoplasmic creatures created by the Imperial Japanese army to ravage the United States. The creatures were slain by the Vision.[1] In 1944, a group of gas racketeers working the shores of Long Island were involved in the black market sale of gasoline during the heaviest rationing period of the war until they were stopped by the Sub-Mariner.[2]

In the 1950's, during the height of the Cold War, Secret Service agent Kent Blake uncovered communist spies providing secrets to Chinese agents who were hidden in a sub off the coast of Long Island.[3]

Modern Age

At a training camp in Upstate New York, Steven Rogers tried to make a new life for himself, working as a boxer until he heard about the Avengers disappearance and left to look for them.[4]
Some time later, the Avengers were searching the Wasp, who had been kidnapped by Yellowjacket, in a small city in Upstate New York, where they spotted them as they were exiting city hall. Yellowjacket was attacked, but the Wasp stopped them, telling the group that they shouldn't fight Yellowjacket because they were going to be married.[5]

Many years later, in a multi-millionaire villa built on a mountain wall in Upstate New York, Justin Hammer heard of Scorpion's deception, and enlisted other operatives to bring him back.[6]

At the doorstep of an Upstate New York monastery that was associated with the Knights Templar, an unidentified woman left a trio of Hellbent infants. The three Hellbent, named Ard, Tia, and Vor played within the monastery, continuing under the supervision of Gregori and Lauria. Once they discovered their powers and became known as the Cadre, they left the monastery heading to Manhattan. Meanwhile, Set led a group of Hellbent into the upstate New York monastery and slaughtered the Knights Templar stationed there. The next day, Chloe Tran accompanied the Hellbent trio back to their former home, where they found the corpses of Gregori and the rest of the monks stationed there. While Dementia, Shard, and Vortex dealt with their loss, Chloe checked the Archives and was surprised to find that even the back-up files on the trio were incomplete.[7]

Some time later, the Thing was about to catch Dragon Man for his nephew, but he eventually changed his mind and let it go.[8]

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