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City of New York Police Department

Official Name
City of New York Police Department
Organization Aliases


Organization Identity


Base Of Operations
Various in New York City

Current Members
Lt. Jake Lamont,

Lt. Rafael Scarfe, Kevin Cole, Det. Sgt Michael Tork, Charlotte Jones, Det. Sloane Chase, Det. Frank Farrow, Det. Connor Trevane, Lt. Jeffrey Piper, Ann Coyle, Det. Michael Badilino, Allen, Walter Anderson, Ann, Arnie, Bernie, Bill, Billy Neuhaus, Detective Walter Bolt, Burns, Sgt. Carl Weatherby, Cartwright, Officer Cellanos, Charlie, Cherry, Chuck, Detective Oscar Clemons, Clyde, Cruiser, Dan, Daz, Captain D'Angelo, Dave, Detective Davis, Delany, Lieutenant Detective Robert Delint, Dooley, Captain Eagleson, Ed, Eddie, Detective Fagan, Frank, Fred, George, Officer Hal Goldman, Harris, Captain Hart, Harry, Ellen Hibbert, Lt. Higgins, Officer Hockney, Irv, Izzy Ortega, Jack Brennan, Jenkins, Jenny, Jinx, Joe, Joey, Johnson, Lieutenant Kelso, Kim Gaunt, Detective Alex Kurtz, Sgt. Larry, Laura, Len, Lew, Detective Garon Lewis, Officer Liebowitz, Logan, Luis Dominquez, Mac, Captain Mannheim, Captain Marsh, Marty, Barry McCormick, McDonald, McGraw, McMahon, Mike, Mitch, Sgt. Morelli, Nancy, Nate, O'Leary, Captain Ronald Parady, Pat, Paul, Pete, Phil, Rafferty, Ralph McElroy, Ralphie, Reston, Detective Phil Rodriguez, Deputy Inspector Rudd, Russ, Ryan, Sam, Sandy, Detective Robert Seever, Sid, Smith, Detective Lou Snider, Robert Snipes, Detective Snipes, Stan, Sgt. Stark, Tom, Lt. Vazquez, Watkins, Willis,

Detective Willowby

Former Members
Angela Cairn,

Stan Carter (deceased), Forensic Specialist Carlie Cooper (transferred), Betty Dean, Phillip DeWolff, Jean DeWolff (deceased), Brian DeWolff (deceased), Gary (deceased), Officer Vincent Gonzales (dismissed), Haley (deceased), Chick Hamner (deceased), Hegerfors (deceased), Human Torch, Det. Johnston (deceased)[1], Lt. Kris Keating (deceased), Jackie Kessler (deceased), Gus Kucharsky (deceased), Det. Nick Manolis (deceased)[2], Officer Scott Moffat (deceased), Sgt. Brian Muldoon, Patrick Mulligan (Quit), Officer Al O'Neill (imprisoned), Sgt. Quentin Palone (imprisoned), Scott Perkins (deceased), Mike Powell, Rollinson (deceased), Spanner (deceased), George Stacy (deceased), Harrison Thompson (retired), Trumbull (deceased),

Det. Varley (deceased)[1]

often has conflicts with Spider-Man

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The New York Police Department is a police unit that guards New York city from various criminal elements both regular and superhuman.



Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Police Cruiser
Weapons: Various police firearms


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