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New X-Men Vol 2 36


New X-Men Vol 2 36

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Quote1 Julian, one of away...I know...I can feel it. Quote2
-- Mercury

Appearing in "Mercury Falling 4 of 4"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Mercury Falling 4 of 4"Edit

X-23 and Hellion encounter a small army and Kimura in their efforts to rescue Mercury. Hellion defeats Kimura but refuses to kill her, insisting to X-23 that they have to be better than their enemies. They are then attacked by several “Predator X” creatures that were created at the request of William Stryker. Stryker learned of a “mutant antichrist” who would turn the tide in mutantkind’s favor. Predator X was developed using Mercury’s skin and designed to feed exclusively on mutant blood. The Predator X creatures quickly overwhelm the two young mutants and things go from bad to worse when a fresh contingent of Facility guards surround them. At that moment, the X-Men and remaining New X-Men arrive with a O*N*E Sentinel and quickly make short work of the remaining Facility forces. One of the Predator X creatures survives the battle and escapes. Upon their return to the Institute, Mercury reaches out to X-23 for support while Emma Frost deals with the continuing threat of Kimura. She confronts Kimura with her abusive past and the fact that she has becoming the same kind of bullying abuser she who victimized her in her youth. Emma erases Kimura’s memories of her grandmother, the only person who ever showed her any love or kindness. She then sets her on a mission to torment those who ran the Facility, starting with the man who tortured Mercury: Dr. Harkins. With one threat eliminated, another emerges as long-time X-Men ally Amanda Sefton returns to Earth in a blazing ball of fire with an ominous warning.

  • No special notes.

  • This is the first mention of Hope Summers. During a flashback Stryker explains "the Antichrist is coming" and after M-Day will come "a mutant so powerful, we alone will not be able to stop it". This flashback is set three months prior to M-Day.

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