New Orgonon is a small farming community in the tradition of Orgonon -- the former estate of orgonic energy researcher Wilhelm Reich in Rangely, Maine. New Orgonon, in fact, is located only 23 miles outside of Rangely. New Orgonon is home to a splinter group of orgonologists who are studying orgone energy for unspecified purposes. They are considered something of a cult, and there have been rumors of brainwashing. Most of New Orgonon's inhabitants tended to agricultural matters, but others were dedicated to more technical research, creating devices such as cloudbusters. There are communal dining halls, and presumably communal housing. Vegetarianism in encouraged.

New Orgonon in lead by Arick Schnellageister, a first-class mind and author of several ground-breaking papers on plant mutation.

Recently, Doc Samson and his companions traveled to New Orgonon to investigate the strange behaviour of his friend and former Gamma Base colleague, Sam Larouquette. It was discovered that the rumors of brain-washing were true, and that Schnellageister had developed a ravenous mutated plan called Weed which fed off of telepathic energy. Weed also had telepathic control over New Orgonon's inhabitants. The team was able to destroy Weed with the commune's cloudbuster, effectively destroying him with the same orgone energy that had been used to create him. With Weed's control over the commune broken, Schnellageister was taken into custody. Presumably many of New Orgonon's inhabitants left.


  • The Orgonon compound and researcher Wilhem Reich mentioned by Doc Samson are quite real. The notion of orgone energy has remained controversial since Reich put the idea forward in the 1930s.

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