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Copper-Age, New Mutants Vol 1, Acts of Vengeance, Tom DeFalco/Editor-in-Chief, Terry Shoemaker/Cover Artist, Al Milgrom/Cover Artist, Louise Simonson/Writer, Terry Shoemaker/Penciler, Al Milgrom/Inker, Glynis Oliver-Wein/Colourist, Ken Bruzenak/Letterer, Bob Harras/Editor, Daryl Edelman/Editor, Hela (Earth-616)/Quotes, New Mutants (Earth-616)/Appearances, Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616)/Appearances, Roberto da Costa (Earth-616)/Appearances, Julio Richter (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tabitha Smith (Earth-616)/Appearances, Warlock (Technarch) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Russell Collins (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hrimhari (Earth-616)/Appearances, Buri (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gunnhild (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kevin Mortensen (Earth-616)/Appearances, Balder Odinson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Karnilla (Earth-616)/Appearances, Warriors Three (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hogun (Earth-616)/Appearances, Volstagg (Earth-616)/Appearances, Fandral (Earth-616)/Appearances, Eitri (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kindra (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hela (Earth-616)/Appearances, Danielle Moonstar (Earth-616)/Appearances, Brightwind (Earth-616)/Appearances, Valkyrior (Earth-616)/Appearances, Adrian Toomes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ula (Earth-616)/Appearances, Savage Swarm (Earth-616)/Appearances, Flying Trolls of Thryhem/Appearances, Dwarves of Nidavellir/Appearances, Toothgnasher (Earth-616)/Appearances, Toothgrinder (Earth-616)/Appearances, Einherjar (Earth-616)/Mentions, Frost Giants/Mentions, Utgard-Loki (Earth-616)/Mentions, Hel/Appearances, Asgard (Realm)/Appearances, Asgard (City)/Appearances, Nastrond/Appearances, Nornheim/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Thryhem/Appearances, Vulture's Wings/Appearances, Death Sword/Appearances

New Mutants Vol 1 84


New Mutants Vol 1 84

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Quote1 Soon, Odin, and all his holdings, shall be mine! Quote2
-- Hela

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