20th Century

The Vision was active in the region in 1941 when he stopped the murderous fortune teller known as Rhamu Rondi.[1]

Modern Age

For a short time, Reed Richards worked at General Electronics, a company based in New England.[2]

After being kidnapped by the Cobra and Mister Hyde, the literally blind Daredevil was taken to their lab hidden in a New England lighthouse, to be executed. During the fight, DD managed to get hold of the antidote for the chemical that removed his enhanced senses and quickly overpowers the two criminals: Hyde escaped on boat, but the Cobra was turned over to the police custody.[3]

Iron Man was brought to a small island off the New England coast, where Mordius wished to master the Iron Man Armor MK IV, but the golden avenger managed to defeat him and the other A.I.M. agents.[4]

Just outside a small town on the New England seacoast, Vincent Sandhurst visited his brother Basil, who was paralyzed in a lab accident months earlier and was living in an automated house, only to find he had become the Controller and built the Absorbatron in order to enslave his servants to drain their minds to empower his exoskeleton. Once added Vincent to his retinue, he also enslaved a nearby town, where Tony Stark and Janice Cord arrived days later to see her lawyer. As the Controller abducted Janice, Iron Man followed, but the Controller quickly defeated and abducted him as well.[5]
In an effort to enslave the population of a metropolis, the Controller hijacked an express train to New York City and loaded it with the Absorbatron and his slaves. Thanks to Jasper Sitwell, who managed managed to uncouple the cars with the machince, he was ultimately confronted and defeated by Iron Man before arriving to the city.[6]

Soaring high above the rock-bound shores of New England with his Cloak of Levitation, Doctor Strange recruited the Sub-Mariner, Hulk and Silver Surfer together to find the Omegatron and destroy it before it could start a nuclear chain reaction that will destroy the planet.[7]
A short time later, an astral image of Dr. Strange projected by Clea reached Namor while he was on the willowy sea-beds off the New England coast; understanding he had been abducted, the Sub-Mariner speeded southward to New York City with no hesitation.[8]

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John (New England) (Earth-616)

John (New England) (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 56 0001


After mocking the local tales of a haunted lighthouse with his friends, John finds himself sheltering inside it after his fishing boat capsizes during a storm. He searches the lighthouse from top to bottom but finds no evidence of "haunting" until just before midnight when the main light is turned on revealing a mysterious ship coming towards the lighthouse. The ship has a strange glow and lowers several smaller boats containing ghosts into the water. John hides as the ghosts come through the walls and discuss their plans. At one point the ghosts seem to feel his presence but dismiss the feeling as they are sure none of the locals would dare risk being killed by the ghosts. In the morning, John is telling his friends of his ordeal. They laugh at him until he shows them a life-preserver from the "Flying Dutchmen", left behind by the dead sailors.[10]


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