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New Avengers Vol 1 40


New Avengers Vol 1 40

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Quote1 He loves me... He loves me... He loves me... Quote2
-- Veranke

Appearing in "Secret Invasion (Part 1)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Reed Richards (clone) (First appearance), (Death)
  • Human Torch (unnamed Skrull) (Only in flashback)
  • Invisible Woman (unnamed Skrull) (Only in flashback)
  • Thing (unnamed Skrull) (Only in flashback)
  • Nova (Frankie Raye) (Only in flashback)
  • Galactus (Only in flashback)
  • Black Bolt (clone)
  • Reed Richards (second clone)
  • Tony Stark (clone)




Synopsis for "Secret Invasion (Part 1)"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • This cover is an homage to the cover from Avengers #1.

See AlsoEdit

  • None.


  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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