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Modern-Age, New Avengers Most Wanted Files Vol 1, Joe Quesada/Editor-in-Chief, David Finch/Cover Artist, Danny Miki/Cover Artist, Frank D'Armata/Cover Artist, Jeff Christiansen/Writer, Sean McQuaid/Writer, Michael Hoskin/Writer, Mark O'English/Writer, Alan Cowsill/Writer, Ronald Byrd/Writer, Stuart Vandal/Writer, Eric J. Moreels/Writer, Anthony Flamini/Writer, Barry Reese/Writer, Chris Sotomayor/Colourist, Jeff Youngquist/Editor, Aaron Nicholson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Antonio Rodriguez (Earth-616)/Appearances, Barbarus (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blackout (Lilin) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blood Brothers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Percy & Barton Grimes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Carl Burbank (Earth-616)/Appearances, Cletus Kasady (Earth-616)/Appearances, Noah Black (Earth-616)/Appearances, Calvin Carr (Earth-616)/Appearances, Frank Payne (Earth-616)/Appearances, Basil Sandhurst (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jackson Day (Earth-616)/Appearances, Luchino Nefaria (Earth-616)/Appearances, Brock Rumlow (Earth-616)/Appearances, William Cross (Earth-616)/Appearances, Arthur Blackwood (Earth-616)/Appearances, Daniel Leighton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Deathwatch (Earth-616)/Appearances, Douglas Birely (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kurt Gerhardt (Earth-616)/Appearances, William Blake (Earth-616)/Appearances, Franklin Hall (Earth-616)/Appearances, Paul Duval (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Horton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Morris Bench (Earth-616)/Appearances, Billy Russo (Earth-616)/Appearances, Klaus Voorhees (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jerome Beechman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Marvin Flumm (Earth-616)/Appearances, Alan Fagan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Calvin Zabo (Earth-616)/Appearances, Owen Reece (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robert Hunter (Earth-616)/Appearances, Zebediah Killgrave (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stuart Clarke (Earth-616)/Appearances, Douglas Scott (Earth-616)/Appearances, Karl Lykos (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ebenezer Laughton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lancaster Sneed (Earth-616)/Appearances, Keniuchio Harada (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ulysses Lugman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Todd Arliss (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mary Walker (Earth-616)/Appearances, U-Foes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Edward Whelan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wrecking Crew (Earth-616)/Appearances, Zzzax (Earth-616)/Appearances, Handbooks

New Avengers Most Wanted Files Vol 1 1


New Avengers Most Wanted Files Vol 1 1

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