Nereel is a member of the Fall People of the Savage Land. When the X-Men were visiting the Savage Land after escaping from Magneto's Antarctic lair, Colossus saved Nereel and a female friend of hers from a T-Rex that was attacking them. Nereel became especially fond of Colossus, and the two girls took the X-Man off for a romantic rendez-vous [1], claiming that it was part of a Tribal custom to honor their friend that had not survived the dinosaur attack. [citation needed]

Some time later, the X-Men (including Colossus) revisited the Savage Land when it and its people were apparently destroyed by the scavenger Terminus. However, Nereel and a number of other Savage Land natives had been saved by the other-dimensional ruler M'Rinn. Colossus was reunited with Nereel, who now had a son named Peter. Colossus is Peter's father, though Colossus was not told this.[2] Longshot knew the truth about Peter's parentage and nearly revealed it to Colossus, but Nereel prevented him from doing so.[citation needed]

When the Savage Land was rejuvenated, Nereel and the other survivors resettled there, and Nereel took up her late father's mantle as chief of the remaining Savage Landers.[citation needed]


Nereel has some ability in hand-to-hand combat and the use of primitive weapons.

Strength level

Nereel has the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

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