The Neptunians are an amphibious race that live in a secret underground society. One of their ancient ancestors was a hero known as the Fin, which their legends spoke would one day be reincarnated and live among them again as their champion. In 1941, Peter Noble would discover the secret dwelling of the Neptunians when his sub would sink and he would end up being the sole survivor. He would be attacked by the Neptunian's ruler Ikor for intruding in their domain. However, Noble defeat Ikor in personal combat. When the other Neptunians would believe Noble to be the reincarnated Fin, one Neptunian, not believing this, would attack Noble again forcing Noble to slay him also. Inspired by the Neptunians' tale, Noble would become the costumed adventurer known as the Fin[1].

Powers and Abilities


Neptunians have bat-like wings that protrude from their backs allowing them to fly. Instead of legs they have a fish-like tail that assists in their ability to swim underwater. They also have lungs as well as gills allowing them to breath both on land and under water.


Habitat: Amphibious
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Primitive
Representatives: Ikor, Fin, Peter Noble (Supposed reincarnation of the Fin)


Ikor and after his death Peter Noble were called Sub-Rulers.

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