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Nenora was a Skrull who had infiltrated the upper ranks of the Kree military and she was locked into her Kree form after the bomb that locked the Skrulls' shapeshifting powers. She worked for Kylor one of the 5 claimants to the Skrull throne after the destruction of Throneworld by Galactus. Nenora became the ruler of the Kree Empire when the Silver Surfer stole the Soul Gem from the Supreme Intelligence which drove him mad as he had been using it to offset the racial prejudice between the pink and blue Kree brains that comprised his mind.[2]

Nenora killed Kylor and anyone who knew she was really a Skrull. Later the Cotati shared the truth about Nenora with Shalla-Bal. Nenora had Shalla Bal kidnapped and drugged to keep the truth from coming out. When S'Byll, another claimant to the Skrull throne, discovered the secret she gave Nenora her shape shifting powers back which killed her.[3]

Nenora (Earth-616) Silver Surfer Vol 3 30

Revealed as a Skrull

Nenora was one of many pawns of a supposed Skrull who claimed to be the Contemplator. Upon Nenora's death an alien named Clumsy Foulup ascended to the Kree throne. He was later murdered and the empire had 2 emperors, Ael-Dan a blue Kree and Dar-Benn a pink Kree. Both were murdered by Deathbird.[4]

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