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Nemesis was originally the sole being in all of existence. Feeling loneliness, it shattered itself, forming the Infinity Gems and most of the Multiverse.

When the gems were transported into the Ultraverse along with several heroes and villains, Adam Warlock pursued them. In that universe another gem, the Ego gem, was found. It claimed that it was the original being and was now ready to reclaim itself, and the gems gestalted into Nemesis. It was defeated by the Avengers and Ultraforce (alongside several alternate reality versions of the same teams). With its defeat the Ego Gem was apparently destroyed.[1][2]


Universal scale reality warping, omniscience, omnipresence (initial form). Basically every power that the infinity gems would give on a greater level.


The reintegrated form is weakened by disturbances by the other Infinity Gems that have gained sentience and the missing energies dispersed throughout the multiverse.

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