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The Nega-Bands were created by the Supremor of the Kree. They are based on the Quantum Bands. The bands use the energies of the Negative Zone and the wielder's own psionic energies.

The bands grant the users the following Abilities:

  • Increased Physical Strength
  • Interstellar Flight
  • The ability to absorb & manipulate various types of energy
  • Increased invulnerability to physical attacks
  • Survival in the vacuum of space
  • No need for food, water, air or sleep.
  • Cosmic Awareness for some users
  • Interdimensional travel, only when absorbed by Genis
Dark Avengers Annual Vol 1 1 page 25 Nega-Bands

There are only 4 known sets of Nega-Bands. The very first pair were awarded to Mar-Vell of the Kree by the Supreme Intelligence. His offspring Genis and Phyla-Vell also wielded a set. A fourth set, possibly Mar-Vel's original pair, were stolen by the Shi'ar in order to create the Nega-Bomb which they sent to devastate Kree Space. While a fifth set was acquired by the Skrulls and give to Khn'nr who was to insert himself into the superhero population as a time lost Captain Marvel, the location of these nega bands after his death has not been revealed.

Dr. Henry Pym once created a pair of Nega-Bands, but they apparently were destroyed in an explosion. [1]

A new set of Nega-Bands, different in power and appearance, were created specifically by the Kree for Noh-Varr to protect Earth.

His Bands gifted possibly by an alternate Supreme Intelligence granted:

  • Many practical aspects of the in-universe Nega-Bands
  • Produces a performance boosting kree Battle suit
  • Teleportation, range unspecified
  • Analysis and tracking of energy signatures
  • Tracking and detection invisibility
  • Holographic projection
  • Onboard technological arrays used for mechanical construction
  • Cyberpathic interfacing with technology & machinery

Noh-Varr's Nega-Bands were taken away and destroyed by Ronan the Accuser after Noh-Varr turned on the Supreme Intelligence.[2]

The Kree Nega-Bands were classified by the Initiative as Omega Class Weapons, at the level of the Tactigon.[3]


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