Domino was a sadistic assassin under the employ of Apocalypse. When the Shadow King detected the presence of powerful telepath Nate Grey, Apocalypse sent Domino on a mission to recruit or eliminate him[2].

Domino, along with her minions Caliban and Grizzly, first targeted Rossovich, a black market dealer. When he could not provide information regarding the location of the telepath she murdered him[3].

Tracking Nate to where he and his Outcasts lived, Domino and her men killed many of Nate's friends. However, her forces were killed in the battle as well. Facing Nate one-on-one, Domino proved to be no match against the powerful mutant who used his powers to wipe her mind clean[4].

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  1. "Thurman" is her married name, her maiden name remains unknown
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