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Ned Ralston was a mutant who was shaped like a Dragon. He wasn't taking part in the super-heroes world. Sally Floyd interviewed him for an article about ethnic diversity in Brooklyn.

Later, the Decimation took away his ability to control his flight and he crashed on 5th Avenue in New York, dying in the process.

His funeral was observed only by Sally Floyd, two of his relatives, and the pastor.


Dragon Morphing Ned Ralston had an appearance that made him look like a big, orange dragon. It is unknown if he was able to shift to human form. He kept this appearance when he was depowered. This made him a Rems (remnants) depowered mutant.

  • Flight (formerly): Using his dragon wings, Ned Ralston was able to fly, at least to 1500 meters height. During the Decimation, he lost the ability to control his flight and crashed.

Two things brought him pleasure: playing billiards, and flying.

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