On Earth-616, the Necronomicon was derived from a small part of lore from the Shiatra Book of the Damned (The Darkhold).[1] The book was created by Abdul Alhazred.[2]

Despite all this, the Atlantean Logomancer theorized that the Necronomicon, the Oracles of Zoroaster, the Darkhold and other mystic scrolls and books were in fact just imperfect copies of the ancient writings etched on the walls of R'llyeh, who had been produced by ancient beings.[3]

Modern Age

The book was banned for centuries,[4] while becoming legendary.[5] In Providence, Rhode Island, a copy was kept in the church used by the Starry Wisdom cult which remained when they were driven out in the 1880s. Robert Blake recognized it when he explored the church[4] as he had earlier learned about the book from correspondence with a reclusive scholar native to Providence.[6]

When Isaiah Curwen was denied the papacy, he extensively studied a part of the Vatican Library which housed the most complete collection of books on the dark arts, including the Necronomicon.[7] The Scarlet Witch considered the book an abomination and mistakenly believed all copies long destroyed. What appeared to be Agatha Harkness at the time, however, stated that it would be really useful to helping with Wanda's demon problems.[8]

According to some sources Doctor Strange posessed a copy.[9][citation needed] It may also have been owned by Ralph Halley.[10]

Earth-818793 / Earth-2149


The 818793 Necronomicon creating a time portal.

In Ash's home reality, Earth-818793, the Necronomicon is a sentient book with powers to create portals through time and between realities, as well as to create mystical zombies called Deadites through corruption of souls or demonic possession, similar to the "Raimis" created by Earth-555's Darkhold. Ash referred to it as the Sumerian Book of the Dead. One of Doctor Strange's sentient books, however, said that it was translated from the texts of a Sumerian death cult and written in blood on the flesh of the damned and tortured. Fought over by practitioners of the black arts it disappeared on Earth-2149 for several decades until it recently resurfaced in the collection of Doctor Doom. It was last seen with the Marvel Zombies who decided to use it as toilet paper.[11]


The Necromicon was a mean to summon "strange creatures and stranger gods".[5]


  • The Necronomicon is the mystical equivalent of Marvel's Darkhold, but both .

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