A shaman of the Cheyenne Indians, Naze instructed Forge in the use magic, so that Forge could one day fight the Adversary. Forge shirked this duty and joined the military. Years later, Naze faked his demise at the barbed tongue of a Dire Wraith, letting it assume his identity and then fall under the mental control of the Adversary, sparing Naze from this fate. The fake Naze convince Storm that Forge had fallen to the Adversary. He tricked Storm into stopping Forge from closing the gateway through which the Adversary's demons were coming to Earth. Storm and Forge fell through the gateway and thus the Adversary was free of the threat Forge posed. Some time later, when the Adversary returned, Naze and his old ally Roma assisted Forge and his new team, X-Factor, in defeating the Adversary again.


Naze was a skilled and exceptionally powerful magician.

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