When Nuada's human host's died, Nuada attempted to leave the host and return to Otherworld but the host clung to a fragment of Nuada's divine life essence and was consigned to Oblivion. The former host went mad over the years and started to believe that he was the true Nuada, except referred to himself as Nauda. [1]

He formed a small group of followers who forged three stones to absorb human emotions, Young Gods attempted to obtain the stones and defeated him by merging into the Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind attacked Nauda, who vanished,screaming, in a burst of light. [2]


Nauda has great magical powers. The majority of his abilities are undefined, but he can open interdimensional portals, control skeletons of the dead, drain life-force, and form mystics bonds. He also has super-strength (Class 75+) and durability


He sometimes wields an indestructible fiery magical sword.

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