Approximately forty years ago, Nathaniel Omen realized he couldn't rule the world. But what was to stop him from ruling 3/4 of it? He built the Infra-World, and outfitted it with a large group of people with similar desires. At the bottom of the ocean, Captain Omen's men began to lay claim to the ocean floor, stopping only as it approached the borders of other nations. Over the years, the Infra-Worlders learned to control the dreaded Toad-Whales. Omen had a son by an unnamed woman, whom he named Filius. He also created Aquon to be his secret weapon, in case of attack or mutiny.


Captain Omen is an extraordinary genius capable of creating the Infra-World and adapting its resources as necessary. Unlike his crew, he can survive both surface conditions and deep ocean pressures unharmed, although it is unclear if this is a physical ability or a technology-based attribute of his attire.


He wields a disciplinary lash when necessary. The Infra-World, built to endure decades beneath the ocean without returning to the surface, is equipped with tractor beams, gigantic tentacles and other capabilities. Any breach in its hull can be sealed with quick-hardening waterproof foam.


Aquon, bodyguard

  • Omen is an anagram of Nemo, to whom we'd have to Assume he's an homage. Nemo was the captain of the submarine from Jules Verne's novel 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea which was adapted in Marvel Comics Classics #4 (1976).

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