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In the Mutant X universe, X-Man was born in a similar way as his Age of Apocalypse counterpart, only Havok's DNA had to be used since Scott Summers' was not available (Scott was captured along with his parents by the Shi'ar, when he was still a boy). Under Sinister's order, Gambit and Bloodstorm liberated the two subjects from Apocalypse's base, but as Sinister only wanted the boy, Gambit kept the girl (it was his daughter, Bella). Sinister accelerated the boy's growth and dubbed him X-Man, whom he later used as a weapon against his foes.[2]


Seemingly those of Nathaniel Grey (Earth-295)#Powers.

  • Havok's DNA in X-Man got replaced with Cyclops' because Cyclops was older and more powerful, which in turn made X-Man stronger.

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