Nathan was born in Poland sometime in the first half of the 20th Century. When Nazi Germany invaded his country, he was one of the millions rounded up and placed in the Nazi death camps, from which he was liberated by the Allies. At some point he married a woman, Shirley, who predeceased him. In his old age, he settled down in New York City's District X.

He lost his powers upon M-Day. Shortly thereafter, Arcade, who had been hired by the Purifiers, began his campaign to destroy District X and all the former mutants within it. Nathan climbed to the roof of his apartment building and saw the laser grid around the district Arcade used to prevent anyone from entering or leaving, reminding him of his days in the concentration camp. Nathan was escorted to a ambulance by Multiple Man of X-Factor, whom he bonded with during the rescue. Unfortunately, Nathan's lungs failed en route to the hospital, and he died, greatly upsetting Madrox.[1]



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