Dating Aunt May

Nathan Lubensky was in a relationship with May Parker. Peter Parker was asked by Aunt May to follow Nathan into town. When Nathan left his bank, muggers accosted him. Peter drove them off as Spider-Man with help from a woman and her cane. As the woman helped Nathan with his heart pills, Spidey retrieved Nathan's satchel and found it full of money. After he came home, his condition worsened, as his heart was weakening steadily: he was tended by May, who was terrified at the thought of living without him.[1] Confronted later by Peter, Nathan admitted he'd cashed out his life insurance policy.


Having bet all his money on Raymond Trask's death, he attended with May the grand opening of his new casino yacht on the Hudson River. After the Vulture tried to take Aunt May hostage, Nathan leapt on his back and the villain flew off with him, who soon fell, but he was caught by Spidey. While the Vulture was lifted by Doctor Octopus in his Hover Jet, Nathan eventually died in Aunt May's arms.[2]

Dead No More

Years later, the Jackal brought him back to life in order to get Spider-Man to agree with him.[3]


None, human.

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