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Little is detailed about Snowbird's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Snowbird (Earth-616).

Snowbird, along with the rest of Alpha Flight, is seen as a zombie attacking the X-Men. Snowbird is fighting Cyclops, but then has a pole stabbed through her brain by Magneto.


Arctic Animal Shape-shifting: Snowbird is a shape-shifter able to take the form of any animals native to Canada. Snowbird is able to change into a white-skinned ir white-furred version of any animal native to the arctic. She can also transform into a female human being, her true face is not human. When she transforms into an animal smaller in mass and volume than a human being, she gains mass from an unidentified mystic source. Snowbird gains the special attributes of the animal she takes the form of, such as the enhanced vision of a falcon. Snowbird's personality is overlaid with the traits and behaviour of the animal she has taken the form of. Over time, the animal's passions risks overwhelming her own self control. If Snowbird stays in one form for an extended period of time, she risks having the animal's psyche permanently overprinted on her personality.

Flight: Snowbird is able to fly without having to change her form.

Superhuman Strength: In her base form she has superhuman strength, able to lift approximately one ton. However, when she transforms into an animal seh can take the strength and abilities of whatever she transforms into.

Post-Cognition: Snowbird possesses the ability to see into the recent past. Through her mind's eye, time literally rewinds itself, and she can perceive events that have transpired within the past six hours of her current location. She can replay events in an area, but only she is capable of seeing them.

Compell Others: She possesses the mnetal ability to compell othersto aid her in her struggle against the Great Beasts.

Mystical Sense & Resistance: Being a mystical creature herself, she can pick up and sense various mystical activities from various places. She could detect the presence of magical energies or the breaching of a magical field. She can also resist teleportation.


Snowbird is a fair -hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by both Puck and Wolverine. She has all the knowledge and wisdom of the Gods of the Arctic, but due to her young age she doesn't know how to fully use it, as she is technically only a few years old.

Strength level

Varies. Snowbird possesses superhuman strength at one ton. When in the form of another creature, she has the upper-most strength of that creature.


Shaman's spell cast at Narya's birth bound her lifeforce within the borders of Canada. Originally Snowbird weakened rapidly if she left the boundaries of Canada and prolonged absence could have been fatal. After her death and rebirth this flaw seems to have been corrected.

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