Narobia is country in Africa ruled by the Princess Zanda.

Civil War

Narobia was part of the Pan-African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans hosted in Wakanda among other African leaders, in a search of a consensus on the way to react to the american Superhuman Registration Act. The Congress was a failure, as the representatives failed to reach an agreement before the end of the Congress.[1]

Pax Utopia

For over twenty-five years, a conflict has shattered the country. As the Phoenix proclaimed Pax Utopia and outlawed war, Cyclops disarmed and dismantled at the same time rebels', warlords', militias' and government's military forces. As weapons were left behind the Phoenix-powered mutant, Frenzy was sent there as peace-keeper, waiting for the Stepford Cuckoos to operate a mass memory rewrite. At the end, this plan wasn't applied as Frenzy thought that their bad moments had to be kept in order to prepare the future.[2]


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