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Nardi was the strong-guy of the group. It isn't clear if "Nardi" was his battlename or his real surname. His costume seemed more like an armor than a bionic implant, but probably was just his skin, mutated by unknown means. During the first ambush of Peter Parker, he held Peter Parker still while Andros beat him.[1]
Later, during the first fight with Spider-Man he couldn't measure his strength against the Web-Spinner because Ben took a conduit of hot vapor and directed it on Nardi. He wasn't heat-proof.[2]
The day after, he seemed okay when Cell-12 captured Peter Parker, but he was easily put out of fight by Spider-Man.[3]
Some days later he was in an abandoned factory, injured and bandaged like the other teammates, and he presumably died in the pumpkin bomb's explosion.[4]

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