Narcissus is commonly believed to be a character of myth that derived out of ancient Greece. The myths, although inaccurate, are based on a true story.

Sometime around the year 50 BC, Narcissus was the most beautiful and vain man in all of Greece. He had managed to entice Aphrodite into professing her love to him. However, Narcissus believed that there was nobody more beautiful than him. Heartbroken, Aphrodite cursed him to love someone who cannot return his love so that he might know torture and heartbreak. Narcissus scoffed at this, however soon after he befell his gaze in a pond and could not bring himself to look away as he fell instantly in love. With his reflection unable to come out of the water Narcissus stayed there and eventually transformed into the flower that was later named after him.[1]

Presumably he is still trapped in that form to this day.

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