Nara Gale was the daughter of British inventor Sir Ronald Gale. In the early 20th century Sir Gale would invent a rocket that would take the Gale clan to the planet Ligra home of the noble Lion-People and evil Dragon-Men. Ronald and his wife would be slain by the Dragon-Men, however young Nara would be rescued and raised by the Lion-People. Growing to adulthood she would eventually become their queen and rule over them.

When Jago, emperor of the Dragon-Men sought to take over Ligra, he would kidnap Earth scientist Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro. Forcing Zog to use Electro to attack the Lion-People, Jago would capture Nara and take her back to his palace. There he would demand that she give him the royal jewels, however she would refuse. Jago would then unleash his octopus monster on her, however she would be rescued by Professor Zog, who would free himself and use Electro to save her. After Jago was slain by Electro, Nara would be restored as queen of Ligra and knight Professor Zog.

Zog would request that Nara return him and Electro home, but tell her that he would come to the Lion-People's aid whenever they needed him.

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