Nara was born to two Atlantean parents loyal to Attuma. Her parents were killed by Namor when they tried to assassinate him. Nara was spared because she could not be held responsible for her parents treachery and then exiled her to the surface. At some unknown point she ended up becoming a student at the Braddock Academy.[1]

Avengers Arena

At the Braddock Academy, she was secretly hooking up with Kid Briton, although he was in an official relationship with Katy Bashir.[2]

Nara was one of the sixteen super powered teens captured and teleported to Murderworld by Arcade. When Rebecca Ryker encountered the Braddock Academy' group, Nara almost killed her.[3]

Later, Apex took over Rebecca and she blasted Nara into a river where her teammates Aiden and Cullen had also fallen, making the group split.[4]


Atlantean Physiology


Requires a breathing apparatus to survive out of water when on land, although she doesn't always wears it.[2]

Dennis Hopeless has said Nara is half-Namor half-Mean Girl.[5]

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