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Quote1 There are three things you can do to get me to hate you, Doreen: make fun of my last name, criticize how I decorate, or talk smack about Mew. Quote2
-- Nancy Whitehead src

Nancy Whitehead attended ESU to study Computer Science, and was Doreen Green's roommate and best friend.[2]

Nancy Whitehead (Earth-616) 001

During an attempted armed robbery at the campus' bank, which was thwarted by Squirrel Girl, Nancy deduced her roommate's secret identity due to the fact that one of the rodents she was using was Tippy-Toe, Doreen's pet.[3] Later that day, Nancy confronted Doreen regarding her heroic alter-ego, and became her confidante.[4] Since then, she has helped Doreen in several adventures.


  • Communication with Squirrels: Due to lessons from Squirrel Girl, Nancy has learned to communicate with squirrels.[5]

  • Mew is Nancy's pet cat, which is named after Mjolnir's pronunciation, i.e. "Mewnir".[2]
  • Nancy likes to knit,[2] sew[6] and write fanfiction.[5]
  • Due to a lie told by Squirrel Girl, Iron Man's superhuman case files have it recorded that "Nautical Nancy" can speak to boats.[1]

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