Nan Macklin lived during the days of the American Frontier; she was the daughter of Captain Cliff Macklin of the Texas Rangers. Living at the Ranger base, she was introduced to the Arizona Kid when he was only seventeen years old and hired on as a scout for the Rangers. She was instantly smitten by the young man.[1] Soon after the Arizona Kid's arrival, the Ranger camp was visited by British hunter Reginald Farnol, who had traveled to the western United States to hunt for wild game. Nan was very impressed with the foreigner, but the Arizona Kid did not like his ignorant attitude and dismissal of local customs. In order to show Nan and the others Reginald's true character, he had his friend the Apache chief known as Eagle-Eye stage a fake kidnapping to reveal Farnol's true character.[1]

Nan accompanied the Rangers to Klamath Falls which was plagued with attacks from the local Apache tribe. During one such attack, Nan was captured by the tribal leader Big Buffalo who wished to make Nan his bride. The Apache Kid came to her rescue, beating Big Buffalo in combat, winning Nan's freedom. In Cactus City, Nan joined her father in meeting with her uncle Kent. However, Kent was murdered by the crooked Marshall Sam Forbes and her father and the Arizona Kid were framed for the murder and arrested. Nan managed to get to the other Rangers and lead them to the rescue.[2]

Nan joined the Rangers in traveling to Sioux Falls where they captured the leader of the Creech gang. In retaliation, the gang kidnapped Nan and demanded that their leader be released. However, the Arizona Kid and her father rescued her.[3] When a Miss Ramsdell came to the Rangers camp to ask their assistance to learn what happened to her missing brother, Nan was instantly jealous of her. However, when the Arizona Kid saved Ramsdell's brother from slave traders, Nan seemed to lighten up afterward.[4] Nan was later kidnapped again, this time by a tribe of Ute Natives who were sold alcohol by trader Jules Dubois. The Arizona Kid came to her rescue, exposing Dubois, who was posing as the tribe's medicine man.[5]

Nan's subsequent activities and fate is unknown.

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