Quote1 Do not let your idle tongue undo your small successes. Quote2
-- Doctor Doom

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  • Un-Named Shipping Vessel

Synopsis for "Black Harvest"Edit

A large fishing vessel has unloaded its nests and discovered that it has two human-like people in the nets. Namor and what appears to be his mother Fen. "Fen" is barely breathing, so one of the sailors performs mouth-to-mouth recitation. Fen mistakes the sailors intentions and throws him overboard. The sailor is pulled into the ship's propellors and he dies a gruesome death.

Shocked the sailors vent their anger out on the Savage Sub-Mariner, the other catch from the nets. Namor has regained consciousness and is full of rage. He pummels a number of sailors but is distracted when he notices his mother Fen. The sailors drop nets on Namor and quickly beat him into unconsciousness.

Back in New York City, a security guard at Oracle Inc. mistakes Phoebe Marrs for a man, asking her what she is doing. Phoebe identifies herself and tells the guard she is working on the Oracle/Marrs merger.

Back on the ship, Namor and "Namora" have been bound. The captain of the ship introduces Namor to his master, none other than Doctor Doom! TO BE CONTINUED

  • This issue contains a letters page, Alternating Currents. Letters are published from Marson Fredrick, David R. Scott, Mark Lucas, Olav Beemer, and David Klingbell.

  • No trivia.

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