Namor McKenzie (Earth-1815) (WWII)

Namor during World War II

Presumably, the Sub-Mariner of Earth-1815 has a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart. During World War II he would be observed by the Grandmaster and Collector battling the Human Torch . This would lead to a wager between the two cosmic beings to see if the human prejudice against super-humans would lead to their widespread incarceration[1].

The Grandmaster's prediction would come to fruition thanks to the passage of Operation: Zero Tolerance in the modern era. Namor and many other super-humans would be captured and imprisoned in a maximum security facility. Namor and the other prisoners would be ;ater rescued by the reality hopping Exiles[2].

Namor's subsequent activities are unknown.


Just like his Earth-616 counterpart Namor is a hybrid human/Atlantean. He has enhanced strength, and is able to breath both underwater and on the surface. Small fins on the ankles allow him to fly.

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